UNITEX Spinning Ltd. is one of the highest contributors in the sector of cotton yarn production in Bangladesh. With the state of the art technology and cutting age machineries the factory is producing the best quality yarns to serve the industry.

At A Glance
Total Number of Spindles: 32,724
Production Capacity/ day: 18 tons
Type of Yarn: 100% cotton yarn (16-30)
Origin of Machinery: Germany, Switzerland, Japan, China, India
Workforce: 700
Transportation Fleet: 3 Covered vans 7 tons, 1 worker Buses
Customer Base: Chattogram, Narayangonj, Dhaka and Gazipur based textile manufacturing companies.
Unitex Spinning – Auto Cone
Unitex Spinning Simplex
Auto Cone Machine
Packaging Raw Material
Gas Generator
Finishing On Progress