Perfect Care Limited is a new venture of Unitex Group, which is specialized in Home and Personal Care item. We aim to provide the best quality products within affordable price to cater your family needs. Our ability to deliver products that blends effectiveness and care makes unique and competent. Our wide range of products include Color Guard Detergent, Daily Wash Detergent and Laundry Soap, Uni White Fabric Brightener, Wow Shine Dishwash Bar & Liquid, Safe Home Floor Cleaner, UniPic Toilet Cleaner, Picsol Tiles Cleaner, UniClean Glass Cleaner, TotalCare Bathing Soap and many more.

Our Brands

Protects color ensuring more brightness and effective cleaning
Ensures superior cleaning performance at best price
Cleanse with Care: Sparkling Cleanliness with Nurtured Skin
Magical solution for more vibrant & brighter clothes
Your confident tiles cleaning partner
Clean glass that shines like a diamond.
Ensures cleanest floor with mesmerizing fragrance
Get a brand new scented toilet every time